How to Prepare for a Blizzard

Posted on: January 26, 2015

Blizzard ’15 is on its way and scheduled to roll in this evening and stick around through early morning Wednesday. There are a few things that you can do to prepare for a big winter storm like this. Our top five suggestions are:

1. Water – Big power failures can disrupt your water supply if pumps aren’t running. Every household should have plenty of clean drinking water on hand at all times. The rule of thumb is three-quarters of a gallon per person per day.

2. Food – Always have at least three days’ worth of non-perishable food on hand. It won’t do you any good if it has to be refrigerated and the power goes out for a week, so make sure to have crackers, dry cereal, pop-open cans of food, shelf-stable juice or milk, soup, etc. on hand. Keep a non-electric can opener in a drawer.

3. Flashlights – Have plenty and make sure the batteries are fresh.

4. Power – Do you have a generator? Or maybe you have a wood burning fire place or stove. Be prepared to go without electricity for several days, at least. Be careful with any gas powered generators and make sure they are running outside and far from doors and windows to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

5. Communication – Wireless handsets won’t work in a power failure. Old-fashioned landlines will, but if you’ve gone digital — and many people have — they won’t. Cell towers may go down in a widespread failure, rendering your smartphone useless. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged in anticipation of a power outage. Have a backup battery and at least one cellphone booster charger on hand.

Be safe out there everyone and most of all ENJOY playing in the snow AFTER the storm passes!