Jeff Reali

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When you ask Jeff Reali his opinion of suits and ties, he will most likely say:
“Suits and ties are for people who sit at their desk all day. Have you ever seen a real estate agent crawl under a client’s house to fix a problem with a suit and tie on? I’m too busy going the extra mile for my clients to be hampered by a suit and tie!”

Going the extra mile is what Jeff is all about. He genuinely cares about seeing his clients’ dreams become reality and is always willing to do whatever it takes to help a buyer buy and a seller sell. Sometimes that means personally fixing a stair railing at one of his listings the night before closing or helping a buyer move in to their new home.

Jeff’s real estate experience runs the range from residential to commercial to investment, for both new and existing properties. He takes just as much pride selling a fixer-upper as he does a million-dollar dream home.

Jeff’s many production awards are testament to the large number of buyers and sellers he’s helped since he’s been in the business. Call him at 207-671-4091 to find out how he can help make your dreams a reality. Jeff also just became an Energy Smart Real Estate Specialist.

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